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Putting hobbies on my to-do list

Posted on: May 25, 2011

I love checking things off my to-do list, clematis covering my mailbox, and almost any shade of green, which I attribute to my Irish roots. I don’t like running late, mosquitoes, or poison ivy, which makes me itch just thinking about it.

When my teenagers were wee folks, I forgot that I had hobbies. I never made time for them, but I have rediscovered there are lots of things I love to do. Some of my hobbies are productive, and some are just indulgent, but they’re all beneficial.

Gardening is very productive. I really appreciate a well-designed flower bed. Can’t say that mine are “well designed” quite yet, but they will be some day.

Working out or walking with friends is productive—maintaining health, right?—and so exhilarating. It ranks right up there with bargain shopping, something I find very rewarding—in more ways than one.

Reading kinda falls in both categories: If I’m reading self-help, nutrition blogs, or even historical fiction, I feel more intelligent, more educated. The novels I read—like Jan Karon, Phil Gulley, or Anne Tyler—lift my spirits and take me to a place with new and interesting people. Not really producing much of anything, except a happier me.

Lunch, coffee, or movies with friends is totally indulgent. But I’m good with that. I’m an extrovert so I know I crave interaction.

I’ve come to realize that as a mom, hobbies are important. They provide an escape from one role of life and a connection to another, reminding me that there’s more to my day than work and cleaning. They give me a chance to meet other people who share my interests and help me appreciate my God-given talents and blessings.

Some hobbies have provided a connection with my kids: music, running together, catching a play at the theater, baking. Plus they see the things that I value in life, and maybe they’ll come to value them also.

Here’s to hoping that this blog becomes a hobby—both productive and indulgent—too!


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