Eileen's Life Lessons

Message received

Posted on: June 3, 2011

I love when the right choice is clearly spelled out in front of me. But oftentimes it takes a 2 x 4 to the head, or a computer failure in this case, to put things in focus.

This morning, my head spinning with blog entry ideas, I remembered that I “committed myself” to attend the last all-school Mass at my daughter’s school. Talking myself out of it, I went to the computer instead of the car and started typing. Three sentences into my post, the computer shut down completely. Not just Internet Explorer, not just Word, but blank black screen. For a few seconds I panicked, wondering what I did wrong. Then the familiar chime sounded and I knew the computer would be fine.

Message received. I headed to church.

Here’s to wishing that all decisions were as easy.


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Mid-Life Realizations & Reflections

43 years of life experience,
19 as a wife,
16 as a parent,
15 as a writer
= thousands of mistakes made,
lots of lessons learned (some learned more than once), and immeasurable amounts of grace received

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