Eileen's Life Lessons

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s bushes

Posted on: June 3, 2011

I think I’m suffering from “spirea envy.”

As I walk the dog along the streets of my subdivision, I notice spirea bushes in other yards have bright green leaves and fuchsia blossoms—I think it’s the Neon Flash variety. Uh, aren’t they gorgeous? Driving down Michigan Road, I sigh at the fence line covered with Snowmound Spirea. Hmm, how come mine don’t look full and cascading like that? The spirea bushes in front of my house are a pale pink, almost not even in the pink category they’re so pale—the Pink Parasols variety. And they have a few bare spots.

But I guess they are still pretty. They frame the front window nicely. They are low maintenance and bloom all summer. Plus, they didn’t cost me a dime—we moved them from a corner of the yard when we took out the overgrown yews a few years back, and they lived.

Maybe if they were flashy and colorful they might detract from the clematis or honeysuckle vines also at the front of the house. Well, maybe they’re not so bad.

Here’s to having what we want, but more importantly wanting (and appreciating) what we have.


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