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Come in, mission control

Posted on: June 6, 2011

I love a good argument–as long as it’s in good fun. Even though I’m not the lawyer that my brother is, I still like defending my position when it’s something I feel strongly about. I just have to be careful not to take things personally.

This morning’s “discussion” with my son started out as a gentle suggestion to him: Since he’d have little free time this summer, he could help prioritize his energies by writing a “mission statement.” He said that mission statements are generally stupid and pointless.

Wow. At first, that statement was a slap in the face, but I factored in his age and tried to make it one of those teachable moments.

I go to my mission statement regularly to check myself, my decisions and my reactions, making sure everything aligns with my compass. Whether I feel like I’m going nowhere without any wind in my sails at all, or going at hurricane speed without gaining any ground, reading what I’ve written down as my purpose in life helps reassure me that I’m doing OK.

Here’s to the guideposts that keep us going in the right direction–whether they be written down, typed out, or even the living, breathing kind we call friends.


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So true Eileen

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