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The Nightmare before Christmas

Posted on: June 7, 2011

I love waking up and remembering a dream I had. Except when I wake up in a panic over it.

I think dreams are a manifestation—big psychologist word of the day—of our worries and our hopes. What thoughts are swimming around in our minds oftentimes show up in our dreams, whether we recognize them or not. And equally, our dreams can affect our waking thoughts. I know mine will today.

This morning’s dream goes into the Nightmare category, for sure: It’s Christmas Eve and we’re getting ready for midnight Mass. It’s still early in the evening so I’m maybe making dinner?—can’t recall clearly. But what I do remember is the realization that tomorrow is Christmas and I haven’t bought any presents. AAAHHH!

The real sense of panic seized my heart so hard that I woke up. (Built-in survival mechanism?) So I’ll never know: Did Supermom find the perfect gifts on the shelves of the corner pharmacy? Did she empty the ATM so that she could fill the stockings with cash? How did our hero save the day? Sigh.

I know why I had this dream: But would the psychologist in me call it a control issue or a fear-of-failure issue? I’m afraid that if I’m not superorganized—read uptight—and on top of every aspect of my life, then I’m going to EPIC FAIL and forget something rather important like picking up my daughter after school or buying Christmas presents. So as much as I want my family to take initiative, I really want things to be done my way. Oh wait, that’s a whole ‘nother issue, and maybe a dream for tonight.

Here’s a tea-cup toast to owning our issues, day and night.



1 Response to "The Nightmare before Christmas"

I have a recurring version of this nightmare where I realize the night before an event (say big party, wedding, something like that) that I have remembered to send out the invitations, but that is all I have done!

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