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The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

Posted on: June 13, 2011

I love Bradford pear trees in the spring, covered in white blossoms, perfectly shaped and full. I don’t love seeing them in pieces after a strong wind has blown through. But they serve as a reminder to me to shape up or risk losing a limb.

Today I saw the remnants of a pear tree standing in someone’s yard, one of the major branches broken from the crook of the trunk. Apparently this type of tree grows so rapidly in our climate that it becomes top heavy and is easily broken in strong winds. It’s in its nature to be beautiful yet weak.

It’s in my nature as a perfectionist to spend way too much time writing a blog entry. It’s in my nature as a control freak to take charge of a situation if I don’t like where it’s headed. It’s in my nature to interact with the people around me at the grocery store, to console a crying child, to return a stranger’s smile.

It’s also in my nature to overreact to anything I consider a personal slight, to get overwhelmed when my due dates get too pressing, to yell at other drivers when I disapprove of their maneuvers (not so they can hear me—I don’t want to get beat up). Thank God it’s in our human nature to learn from mistakes, to change our less-than-desirable traits.

That poor pear tree couldn’t stop its own growth, just continuing in the same direction until it became top heavy and weak. Becoming top heavy isn’t my problem—ha!—but I might want to change my ways before I get weak and embarrass myself, snap at my husband just because I’m stressed about work, or ostracize my friend.

And after each windy night, I’m reminded again.


1 Response to "The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind"

I really like this one Eileeen! Randy and I have many Bradford Pears in our
neighborhood! I feel the same way about them. I actually have one in my backyard
and talk about a control freak- i don’t want ours to split like everyone’s so Randy and I trim it back all the time- now it looks like it has a very short hair cut.
Anyhoo well said today!

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