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My relapse into running

Posted on: June 22, 2011

I love to exercise. I don’t love to sweat. See a problem here?

Every once in a while I need to remind myself that, indeed, I am not a runner. Today was my most recent validation. I felt good, dragging the dog with me, coaxing him and myself from corner to corner, turn to turn, meeting each goal with ease. Encountered the Brebeuf cross country team at one corner. I’m sure they were impressed that Jake’s mom runs too. But shortly after waving to them I stopped to walk and the sweat started pouring–yuck!

Did I mention that I’m not a pretty sweat-er? Women are supposed to “perspire,” right? That’s sounds more dainty. Not me, no “glistening” for me.

There was only about a block when I was afraid I might die, then I caught my breath again. I thought for sure that I’d gone about a mile and a half, but I was disappointed to measure just under .9 miles.

Everyone in my family runs–even my 13-year-old Molly is training for a 5K in July, and she’s up to 2 miles within a week. Many of my friends run too, wearing those great light-weight outfits. I want to be in that crowd, talking about my time in my most recent race, about routes I like the most, about how my toe nail has turned black and may fall off soon. OK, maybe not that part.

If you see me out running any time soon, you’ll know that my short-term memory is getting worse and I had to try it again.


2 Responses to "My relapse into running"

This inspired me… to go for a walk:)

This story made me laugh out loud, Eileen as I sometimes think of being a runner too!

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