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Doggone bike is gone!

Posted on: June 24, 2011

I love my dog, Cooper. Although we aren’t sure of his exact birthdate, since we adopted him from the Humane Society, we celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. He is very obedient and has come a long way in the 3 1/2 years he’s been part of our family.

I do not love how much he sheds in the spring. And I do not love that, being a protective part-German Shepherd, he scares the BEJEEZUS out of everyone who comes to the door. One little noise outside and he goes crazy. Ten seconds later he’s your best friend, but initially he’s fierce! Except yesterday, when I heard a noise in the garage. Where was my guard dog then?

The noise instantly reminded me that I hadn’t closed the garage door. I also knew instantly that someone was stealing my bike, the second bike taken from our garage in as many weeks. AAHHH!

All 5′ 3″ of me ran after the hoodlum racing away on my bike, yelling about what a jerk he is. It took me about 10 seconds to realize, while seething with anger, that I could hop into my van and catch up with him. Unfortunately our subdivision has just enough turns that I couldn’t find him–and he should thank his lucky stars! I pictured myself slamming this kid off my bike, laying him out flat with one kick to the gut, and taking my bike back home, the perfect television-scene triumph. In my mind I called that kid every name in the book, for all the good it did.

Hours later I recounted the story to my son and I found myself gritting my teeth–a reaction I haven’t had since childhood fights with my own dear brother. Describing the events obviously relit my Irish temper and I felt more swear words coming on. Jake suggested I calm down, I was scaring him, and my laughter at that thought defused my anger for the moment.

If you know me, you probably have a hard time imagining me like this. I’m usually pretty mild mannered and rather sane. But this violation brought out the worst in me.

I should make it a habit to close the garage door between outings, but part of me–the vengeful part of me–hopes this little thief comes back again to take the only bike left, a Malibu pink two-wheeler that Molly’s outgrown. We’ll be ready for him, me and my dog. And both of us have been called “scary” this week…heh, heh, heh.


1 Response to "Doggone bike is gone!"

I am always reminding our girls to shut the garage door because we also have a neighborhood where your bike can ride off without the real owner on it. Sorry to hear about your loss, I wish you would have caught the thief….

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