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Good will

Posted on: July 8, 2011

I love those “pay it forward” commercials. It was a great campaign by Liberty Mutual, each scene showing how one good deed leads to another. Jake and I could’ve starred in one last week if the cameras had been rolling.

It wasn’t really my idea. I speculated that the old church bus/van stalled at the turn light would be too heavy to push. I guess Jake took that as a challenge and suggested that we pull over and give it a try. So we traipsed across traffic to announce to the van driver that we’d come to save the day. At least she didn’t laugh at us. Did I mention that I was in a summer skirt and sandals?

Twenty seconds into the effort, we hadn’t made it budge. I guess the guys in another car didn’t think we could do it on our own so they jumped out and joined our force. Pretty soon the van was rolling out of the intersection. Then a man driving a heavy-duty truck volunteered to push the van, bumper to bumper, down the road and into a parking lot a block away. Problem solved, with a group effort.

I like to think that others who witnessed our rescue went on to do more good deeds, just like in those commercials. But I’m actually grateful cameras didn’t catch me, dressed more for church than for damage control, pushing a 15-passenger van through traffic.


4 Responses to "Good will"

I wish I had that on camera! I love it!

Well you certainly inspired me … today (during the heat advisory), I was coming through Broad Ripple and a car was stalled in the east bound lane. As the traffic was creeping around the stalled car (me included) – I noticed the late-20’s aged mom on her cell phone – closed in the car – in the heat – with a newborn aged infant – in the back. I immediately pulled off to a meter (didn’t take the time to pay however); and pushed her car as she steered towards an empty metered spot; as I was pushing, here came another man and helped, and another car stopped and asked if we needed a phone! Thanks Eileen for inspiring me to do the right thing. I makes me wonder why soooooooo many cars pulled around her without even hesitating (and almost me too.) … And thank goodness, no Liberty Mutual cameras around!

Way to go, Ann. I’ll pass on to Jake that his effort was “paid forward.”

I’m pretty sure we could have gotten it by ourselves. we had actually started to get it rolling as the other guys came up to us.

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