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What’s to love about NY?

Posted on: July 23, 2011

I love vacation! Time with family undistracted, sight-seeing, dining out, the break from the routine. Before the post-vacation laundry is caught up, I’m already planning the next trip we’ll take. But after each time away, I also love coming home.

On this vacation I discovered that I do not love New York City. Molly, my 13-year-old, bought one of the iconic T-shirts: I [heart] NY, but I think I’m wavering closer to “like” rather than “love.” Now if they’d offered an I SURVIVED THE HEAT IN NY or an I SPENT ALL MY MONEY IN NY shirt, I’d’ve been all in on that sentiment.

In fairness, once you get used to the assault on your wallet and on your senses—the crowded streets, the constant honking, and the myriad of rather offensive smells—there’s much to enjoy in the Big Apple.

1. Fun shops. Dylan’s Candy Shop was a colorful experience. Name a candy, you can find it there: personalized chocolate bars, gummy anything sold by the pound, fudge, ice cream, the biggest gum balls I’ve ever seen. Three stories of sweet treats.

2. Food vendors. At almost any intersection you can find a hot dog, bagel, gyro, kabob, ice cream or other vendor. Our favorite (thanks to a recommendation from the Van Almelos) was Mr. Softee ice cream. I hope somewhere in Indy I can find the frozen coconut treats I enjoyed there!

3. History. We took some fabulous photos of Lady Liberty and spent the better part of an afternoon reliving the immigrant experience at Ellis Island. Thousands of people left their homelands for the promise of America. Quotes from interviews with interpreters and immigrants from the early 20th century were heart-warming—and sometimes heart-wrenching.

4. Current events. We walked around Ground Zero, saw the Freedom Towers, and visited a storefront museum dedicated to the events of 9/11. Very touching. That was a two-kleenex day.

5. Culture. Here’s why we really went to NYC: to see a Broadway show. And we got to see two in one day thanks to the half-price ticket booth, some inside scoop, and our stamina. The lady who sold us the second set of tickets was so excited that we were having what she called a “two-show day.” Brooke Shields and Roger Rees were marvelous in The Addams Family and Daniel Radcliffe was very impressive in How To Succeed in Business. Who knew this Harry Potter-star could move like that!

So while Molly and I won’t be wearing matching T-shirts, I do appreciate that NYC was the site of some great family time. Just don’t ask me to go back in July.


1 Response to "What’s to love about NY?"

I am calling you today, Sunday July 24th. I really, really want to do the Ellis Island experience! I have heard much about it. Can’t wait to catch up and see your pictures!!!!!
cindy cotton

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