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My own movie reviews

Posted on: August 31, 2011

I love movies. I especially love seeing new releases in the movie theater–it’s a whole different experience than watching HBO at home.

My movie buddies and I don’t have especially high standards for our movie selections. We go see every chick flick and teenie-bopper movie without consulting the critics’ ratings. After all, I have my own rating system that doesn’t really jive with the 1-4 stars or “thumbs up” notations. I rate movies on how many tissues I need to get through the touching scenes.

To appreciate my tissue counting system, you’ll have to understand that I am rather easily moved to tears. I’ve been known to cry at commercials and songs I hear on the radio, in church at my favorite songs or readings (my gentle husband seems to always have a Kleenex in his pocket for me), or if a speaker has hit on a topic I can relate to. But I’m especially emotional in the dark escape of a movie theater for some reason. I never enter a theater without at least two tissues.

Last week I went to see a Heartland Film Festival-recommended movie based on a book that I read, Sarah’s Key. I expected it to be a tear-jerker, as the book is about a young girl who escapes the concentration camps of the Holocaust. Turns out it was only a two-tissue movie. The directors didn’t rely much on their soundtrack, and apparently it is music that makes the emotional moments intensified for me. I’ve cried more during Disney films than I did during last week’s movie.

It is a little embarassing leaving the movie theater wiping my eyes, especially after seeing a Vince Vaughn comedy, so I try to play it off as my eyes having trouble adjusting to the light again. But we all know better–I’m just a sap!


2 Responses to "My own movie reviews"

The question is, did you cry at everything before you had kids? That’s when I became an emotional person. I cry at back-to-school night…how sad is that???? And when I look around, there is no one else crying.
Like your blog a lot!


Come to think of it, no. I think having kids opened up the well of emotions. My eyes are watery now just thinking about it!

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