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Greetings and salutations

Posted on: January 24, 2012

Dear friends,

In this age of quick e-mails and abbreviations, we tend to skip a step in addressing our correspondence, just jumping into the “meat” of the matter without any introduction. I guess we can figure out that a message is intended for us if it shows up in our Inbox.

True too we can figure out who sent the message, even without a signature, by the Sent address. But without some sort of salutation at the end of a message, sometimes it feels incomplete, like the writer was interrupted, like when someone leaves without saying good-bye.  I’m frequently guilty of shooting off an e-mail without any social grace, but I’m more engaged when I take the time to address my subjects and choose a salutation at the end. Signing off at the end of a message adds a little something special.

Certain people in my life are known by their signatures. My mom is Love always, Mom. Sometimes she adds forever in there too. Ivette uses Big hugs, and I actually feel her embrace. I knew our friendship had reached a new level when my friend started signing her notes with Vi—what her college friends called her—instead of Vivian. Same with people I’ve worked with forever: We just use our first initials instead of typing out names. To some people I’m ED, to others I’m E.

For years I signed my letters with Peace, which I borrowed from my brother-in-law Terry. I still smile when I see his cards signed that way because I know he means it: He wishes you peace, and that’s a really welcome wish. Nowadays I tend to sign off with Take care, which I borrowed from a co-worker Brian. It seems to fit most relationships, and I ALWAYS really mean it as I type it, whether it’s to a friend who is having a hard time or my tax consultant. Some people are cautious about using Love, but I use it when I feel it.

So here’s to wishing you lots of correspondence today—which means you are popular and/or in demand, at least not being ignored—and lots of opportunity to share your greetings and salutations.

Take care, Eileen

P.S. Have a nice day!


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