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High school heartache

Posted on: March 6, 2012

One young man spent an evening writing a song to a young prom prospect. The serenade ended sadly, his heart wounded.

One young man made a bad decision (or maybe a series of them—I don’t know) which caused him to be expelled. He’ll finish up his remaining months of senior year at a different high school, one where he knows few friends, earning a diploma that will hold less meaning for him.

One young man took a risk, followed his dream and applied to a military academy. Outstanding and upstanding in every way, he received his disappointing news today: Denied admission.

My heart goes out to these young men and others suffering through similar struggles. My heart goes out to the parents thinking of what to say to their sons, how to be a comfort, how to encourage them not to give up.

Fortunately as adults we know that this too shall pass—they will get through it. Another girl will come along, another college choice made and they’ll move forward. But fair or unfair, parts of life are really tough and there’s no way to teach it—it’s gotta be first-hand experience—or to avoid it, I guess. I don’t know what to say to them except, rejection hurts! and I’m sorry it didn’t work out.


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(and none of these fine young men are my son, for those of you who might be concerned–just friends)

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