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Proud product of the ’70s

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Are you old enough to remember the conservation efforts of the Jimmy Carter era? When the president asked us to do our best to cut back on energy consumption, I took it to heart. I’m revisiting those ways of thinking now during this Indiana summer plagued with record heat and ongoing drought.

Instead of using the dryer, I’ve hung the towels out to dry. (Not on a laundry line—those are prohibited by our homeowners association—but on the backs of my patio chairs. I’m pretty sure that’s a more offensive sight than those the regulation was trying to avoid!) And we are using water collected in the shower on landscape and house plants. By the time the perfect temperature is reached, we have a stock pot full of clean water.

I still have my downfalls when it comes to environmental efforts–I drive a gas-guzzling minivan, for goodness sake–but I like to think that, overall, Jimmy Carter would be proud of me.


2 Responses to "Proud product of the ’70s"

great idea on the stock pot in the shower!! Never thought of that but will start doing that!

I too have been striving to collect water for our plants and other creatures.

Jimmy Carter was maligned wrongly. If we had harkened to his calls, we would be in a different situation regarding energy, conservation and neighborliness. He has been the best Past President to my awareness. Peace, Denis

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