Eileen's Life Lessons


Years ago, for Christmas, my brother gave me the first of what would become my favorite books, the Mitford series, by Jan Karon. At some point in each novel, Cynthia says, “I love it.” Then Fr. Tim, says “What don’t you love, Kavanagh?” And she spouts off three things that she doesn’t love. That’s where I came up with the format for my entries. If you are a Jan Karon fan, you might recognize it.

Being a positive person, I like to think that the list of things that I love is much, much longer than the list of things I don’t love. But we’ll see what each day brings.

I hope you’ll enjoy what is meant to be a lighthearted look at life’s lessons as I realize the value of each, reflect on them, and use them to keep things in perspective. As we journey along together, I hope you’ll relate to my thoughts and will share your own with me.


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Mid-Life Realizations & Reflections

43 years of life experience,
19 as a wife,
16 as a parent,
15 as a writer
= thousands of mistakes made,
lots of lessons learned (some learned more than once), and immeasurable amounts of grace received

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