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In front of our first house stood a tall, proud walnut tree. We hung a rope over its lowest branch and the kids spent hours in the shade of the tree swinging on the rope. Sounds idyllic, huh? Except in the fall when the walnuts started to drop! The big green fruits would stain the driveway with their messy brown oil and startle us in the quiet morning hours when those baseball-size nuts hit the roof. They’d fall in the yard and trip youngsters trying to play in the ¬†grass and leaves. So I’ve never been a big fan of walnut trees, going so far as to tear out any saplings I find in the easement behind this house.

I was remembering those falls we spent in the “little” house today as I was walking along the canal path, taking in the fall scents. My nostrils filled with the wet leaf scent and a wonderful citrusy smell I couldn’t place. Then it dawned on me: it was the smell of the walnut fruit. As nasty and messy as they were, they always had a fresh and clean scent to them. So now I’ve found something to appreciate about walnut fruits, other than the obvious brain food inside.

Oh and the nuts attract squirrels, which provide hours of entertainment for my crazy dog.

Maybe I can find something to appreciate about every one of God’s creations. Except mosquitoes. I think they came from the Devil.


Mid-Life Realizations & Reflections

43 years of life experience,
19 as a wife,
16 as a parent,
15 as a writer
= thousands of mistakes made,
lots of lessons learned (some learned more than once), and immeasurable amounts of grace received

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