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I love my pedometer today. Yesterday I did not love it.

Yesterday I had 3,300 steps, which is pretty short of my 7000-a-day goal. 

The days when I meet friends to run or walk are usually 10,000-step days. I get a pretty red square on the program’s calendar for those days. Green appears on the dates when I’ve hit my 7,000-step goal and the square’s blue—as in sad, I guess—when I’ve had a day of mostly driving kids around and working on the computer.

My highest day so far was on vacation in NYC—I hit more than 18,000 steps in 12 hours that day!

I’m not sure that I like what wearing the pedometer has done to my way of thinking though. You see, I am a super-efficient worker. I naturally combine trips up and down the stairs to avoid wasting time and effort. Now I find that I’m OK making multiple trips to the basement because it adds to my step count.

I might be  a little competitive about it too. I regularly ask my husband what his pedometer says and lately he refuses to answer me, just shakes his head and says that he’s “created a monster.” (He signed me up!)

Today my pedometer measured 7,011 steps. What’s impressive about that is I only had 3,152 at 10 P.M., having spent most of the day either folding laundry or editing on the computer. So the dog and I hit the dark streets of our semi-safe subdivision to clock the additional 3,800. The rest were added by walking in place while brushing my teeth, one of the many tricks I’ve learned to get my count up.

Other tricks include dancing while I’m on the phone and leaving the package of cookies in the pantry so I have to get them one at a time instead of bringing them all to the office with me. Ha!

Maybe I shouldn’t call them “tricks” because that makes it sound like I’m cheating, and I’m not. I’m not tricking the device into reading higher than it should—I’m doing all kinds of movements to reach my goal, and after all, getting us moving is the whole idea behind the pedometer program.

And I’ll love my pedometer even more when I get that first incentive deposit!


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